Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Secret to Make Money Blogging - Think Micro, not Macro!

Make Money Blogging with me, Justin. Welcome to my blogging resource where I share the tools and lessons I've learned in my quest to make a living by blogging and I will teach you how you can do the same. First a couple things to remember.

My approach is not necessarily the best. I don't claim to know it all. I don't claim to have all the answers. However, I have learned how to make money blogging my way and I'll teach you if you'd like to be taught. If you're still reading then you might as well read on right?

I don't claim to make ridiculous amounts of money online blogging. Time for full disclosure. In fact up until 3 months ago, I only made about $0.25 per day. That's not much but it was something. Then that grew and I have multiplied those earnings to today I make on average $4.00 per day. That's a 1500% increase in only 3 months which is not bad for someone that knew very little about how to make money blogging and more importantly about seo and how to promote your blogs and content.

Through trial and error I've learned a great deal now and am more motivated than ever to multiply my earnings. In January I'm trending upwards and hope to double my daily earnings to $8 per day. Certainly not enough to write home about, but the point is that it's growing.

Enough rambling, let me get to the point. If you want to do what I've did and more, you must think micro, not macro when blogging for profit. What I mean by this is, I used to dream about making money blogging, look at popular blogs and think I needed to somehow create the next big blog and I would be rich right? Wrong. While it would be great to create a highly sought after blog, you shouldn't count on it. Start small, create a blog about something that will get you even 1 adsense click every month. Test out what gets you more clicks than other things. When you find a good idea, promote it, see my Seo and Social Bookmarking tools for hints of how to promote your blog and increase your search engine ranking.

After you are making a few cents per day at it, which by the way may take months, just warning you, it's pays to be patient, then multiply your concept. Create another blog about the same thing, but give it a different title, and re-write all of your blog posts. They must be completely unique so that search engines don't look at it as duplicate content. This way you now have a second blog making a few cents a day, soon you'll be on your way to a dollar, then ten dollars, then more... get the idea?

Before you know it you'll see your tiny seed of an blog idea turn into tens and hundreds of dollars from adsense. That's really a great feeling when you get a adsense check deposited that you weren't expecting. It feels like a bonus just for blogging about what you're passionate about.

That's a quick overview of what I do and where my blogging venture is going. I will keep you updated with the latest in free information to help you make money blogging as fast as possible.

Thanks for visiting, and hope you are successful in your quest to quit your 9 to 5.



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